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Mansard Loft Conversion

This type of loft conversion is named after the 17th century architect, Francois Mansart. A mansard loft conversion is installed at the rear of your property and has a flat roof with a back wall that slopes inwards at an angle of 72 degrees. The windows in a mansard loft conversion are usually housed within small dormers.

The easiest way to understand them is to think of it as an extension across the entire plane of your roof. When completed it is almost as if your home came with an additional storey to begin with. The increased space you will get is enough to have an office, play area or even an additional living room.

Due to the major changes in the roof shape and structure, mansard loft conversions will almost always require planning permission.

Mansard loft conversions are suitable for detached and semi-detached houses, terraced properties, chalets and also bungalows. The fact they are suitable for all these property types makes them very popular and their popularity is slowly increasing.

Loft conversions fall into one of four basic types, which type you decide to use for your loft conversion will depend on many factors such as the design of your existing roof, your budget, planning restrictions and your own personal preferences. The four types of conversion are: